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Author : Carolina Corvillo and Ricard Reguant

Direction : Xènia Reguant

Actresses:  Patricia Paisal, Geni Sánchez, Yolanda Sikara, Laura Pau, Queralt Albinyana, Cristina Murillo, Anna Casas and Ariadna Suñé.

Duration : 70  minutes

language :  Castilian


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Barcelona and on tour


Six Women gather to stage a coup. Some have already done it other times, for others this will be the first. They do not know each other beyond the aliases assigned to them in each "mission", and they are prohibited from sharing personal information. A robbery, a loot, a siege, a method (the "Reservoir" method and a female confinement where archetypes, feminist philosophies, philias and phobias, violence and action will be increased by the need to break free. To break free from what exactly?

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