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Artists:  Paco and Maite

Duration:  90 minutes

Idiom:  Castilian


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Barcelona and on tour

Until death do us part


With more than a million and a half followers on social networks and millions of views of their videos, Paco and Maite's humor has become a true mass phenomenon, how darn you, Paco! Monologue between Husband and Wife, who will win? Laughter and Laughter 100% Guaranteed.

Who has not heard this expression? "Paco! Tell me Maite?" It is impossible not to laugh with Paco and Maite, the monotony in the couple, the day-to-day anecdotes brought to laughter! This couple from Cordoba has been able to reach the general public with their charisma and simplicity, they have filled our lives with humor and laughter with their videos. They return to the stage after the break and they do it with their new Show "Hasta que la Muerte nos Separe" where they will visit cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Oviedo, Cartagena, among or many. Are you ready for Paco and Maite?

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