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Director:  Jaime Calvet

Actor:  David Master

Singer and composer:  night

Duration:  75 minutes

Idiom:  Spanish or Catalan


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Barcelona, Madrid and tour

The best hit play for teenagers and the general public.

With the best reviews in Barcelona.  


NOT LOVING  (No estimis) is a fusion between text and gestural theatre, urban and contemporary dance and rap. A work that speaks of the inner world of many young people, of the doors that we often do not open for fear of showing ourselves and hurting ourselves. A show that talks about overcoming and life.


The show begins with the funeral of Pedro's mother. He, feeling so overwhelmed by everything he is experiencing, decides to lock himself in his world where everything is fine and where he can do whatever he wants. It will be with a fictional character, Noite, his rapping idol, with whom he can talk about how passionate he is about dance and hip hop; the loving relationship he has with Marta; how he met his best friend Fran; the bittersweet relationship he has with his father; the importance of the meaning of names; his first love relationship with Susanna and the relationship he has with his mother. But the more he explains his life, the more Pedro tries to get out of this reality that he has created, but he cannot, he has closed himself in so much that it is impossible for him to get out. Will he get it?

Open hiring and programming.  

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