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influencers:  Gakian, Bertus, Chim, Celia Castle

Actors :  Josu Martinez and Natalia C Santamaria

Author :  Jose Ignacio Tofe

Director :  Victor Paez

Duration:  90 minutes


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Madrid and tour


- Milagros is looking for a man who is not traumatized (not too much). 

- Veronica wants a real man (is there any left?)

- Martín is an artist, a bohemian, a special being (a heavy one). 

- Carlos has two t-shirts for his dates: the one from Game of Thrones and the one from Star Wars (are they clean?). 

- Ana Belén thinks that all guys are immature, she's fine (with antidepressants, but fine). 

- Iván was abandoned by his girlfriend, he is learning to manage his anger (he only breaks cheap things). 

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