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Author and director:  Charles de Matteis

Actresses:  Cristina Esteban and Marina Skell

Music:  Joan Manuel Serrat

Duration:  80 minutes

Idiom:  Castilian


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Barcelona and on tour

My mother Serrat and I


A crazy mother versus a formal daughter. This is the explosive mix of "My mother, Serrat and I". Laughter and tears in the same proportion, all wonderfully sprinkled with the songs of Joan Manuel Serrat, which in the context of the story amplify its meaning and get even more power.

The result, an explosively emotional musical comedy that has already received more than 100,000 viewers in its 10 years of existence, accompanied by great critical success.

Lucía, the mother, met Serrat in Buenos Aires and loves his songs. Penélope, the daughter, is a singing teacher and directs a choir. He blames his mother for all his ills and in particular the influence of Serrat's ideas and songs on his life.

The action begins when Penelope separates from José Mari and returns to live with her mother. There, between fragments of songs by Serrat, hilarious and conflicting situations, both women move us with a relationship full of love and humanity that allows Penelope to debut as a soloist and some more surprises...

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