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Author:  Leo Bassi

Duration : both shows have a duration of 90  minutes

language :  Castilian

"The best of Leo bassi" and

"I Mussolini"

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"The best of Leo Bassi" is the show offered by a  retrospective with the highlights of its last ten years  of race. Leo Bassi himself defines it as "a gift to myself" and considers that it is the best way to approach his work, especially for those who do not know this happy revolutionary.

For ninety minutes the public will enjoy the heir to an Italian saga of circus artists, who, like his ancestors, makes laughter a peaceful weapon that slaps the political right, religions and banking.

The best of Leo Bassi concentrates the most ambitious, controversial aspects   and provocative extracts from his works Hidden Instincts, September 12, The Revelation and Utopia.


In 1952 this rebellious and secular comedian was born, he did it in New York, but

purely by chance, since his parents were on tour in the

city of skyscrapers Coming from a family that for six

generations dedicated himself to the circus world, Leo Bassi debuted with just

seven years in the circus and at the age of 24 he decided to leave the 

family show to launch his solo career.

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