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Actors:  Tony Story/Juan Barahona, Luara Oliver/Carlota Boza and Sara Herranz/Laura Corbacho

Director:  Victor Paez

Text:  Charles Table

Duration:  90 minutes

Idiom:  Castilian


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Madrid and tour


Thanks to this work, the viewer will be able to enjoy the party from their seat and, what is even more important, the protagonists' hangover day in a year in which no one has been able to dance, enjoy and laugh as life deserves. Feel in the first person that this is not just any play, this is a party.


Lucía has had a boyfriend for many years and they are very happy, we assure you. Lito is gay, and his only New Year's resolution is to get laid. And he always does. And Noe is… Well, Noe is Noe. She sweats everything, she just wants to have a good time.


They are friends, but also roommates... And the living room is not going to be the only thing they are going to share tonight. A New Year's Eve party that ends up getting out of hand. A wake up with a hangover from the host. Not knowing what the hell happened the night before, or during the party... or after.

You just ask: does anyone remember what we did yesterday? Why the hell did we exchange underwear? Do you have an Ibuprofen?

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