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Artist : Jorge Blass

Duration : 75 minutes

Language : Spanish


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Barcelona and on tour


Jorge presents his best illusions in a 75-minute show for all audiences Jorge Blass, the most international Spanish illusionist, famous for reinventing magic in each show as Houdini or David Copperfield did,  accept the challenge of creating the Magic that will mark the 21st century.  


In "The Magic of Jorge Blass" we will discover new and surprising illusions in 1 hour and a half of show for the whole family.

Impossible and visually spectacular effects will happen, with appearances, disappearances, impossible levitations and interactive magic in which the public is the protagonist. All this wrapped in a halo of mystery and a careful aesthetic that gets us excited again and dream of the impossible.


American magic star David Copperfield has declared: "Jorge Blass takes the art of magic to another level."

Jorge Blass is well known for creating illusions for David Copperfield, and for a long international career, at just 19 years old he won the Golden Wand of Monte Carlo, and 20 years later he continues to win prizes, such as the one recently awarded to him by American magicians  Penn & Teller on their American TV show FOOL US, for being one of only 12 magicians out of 400+,  that managed to leave the experts of American magic speechless. He directs the Madrid International Magic Festival at Circo Price, which will be 11 years old next February, and he is a patron and charitable magician of the Abracadabra Foundation.  that brings Magic closer to hospitals and disadvantaged groups.

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