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Duration: 90 minutes


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Barcelona and on tour

THE DARK SIDE. Tribute to Jarabe de palo.

THE DARK SIDE is a sincere tribute to the music and career of Pau Donés and his group Jarabe de Palo, one of the greatest exponents of pop rock in Spanish in recent decades.
This characteristic fusion of Mediterranean music with Latin rhythms, passed through the sieve of elegant rock, has stood out for its vital, optimistic and carefree air.


THE DARK SIDE collects all this essence in its concerts, presenting a cheerful, elegant and exciting show suitable for both major parties and private events.
Cheer up to remember "La Flaca", "Depends", "The Dark Side", "That you give me", "Grita" and many more hits from the legendary band that united several generations under their music.

From the most rogue rock songs like "El Bosque de Palo" or "Duerme Conmigo", to the most acclaimed ballads like "Agua" or "Te miro y tremblo", going through the Latin rhythms of "Pura Sangre" or "A tu side”, the whole concert is an endless number of hits known to all.

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