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Impro Side Story

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An impro show... without a script... or score!


IMPRO SIDE STORY is the "IMPRO" show without a script... or score where nothing is rehearsed or agreed upon. Neither the actors, nor the musician, nor the public know what they will do, sing or interpret. Talent, madness and humor at the service of the public, the true screenwriter. In each show, new stories will be born on stage where music and songs play a fundamental role, and where they will travel from the elegant Broadway musicals in the fantastic Disney universe or from the golden age, the Golden Age, among others.

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Actors : Rai Borrell, Roger Julià, Jordi Coll, Anna Herebia, Xavi Duch, Clara Solé, Marc García, Àfrica Alonso and Gustavo Llull.

Text and lyrics opening song:  Mark Gomez.

Graphic design and photography:  INC. The impromptu.

Original idea:  CIA Les improvisables

Duration : 75 minutes

language :  Castilian and Catalan

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