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Author:  Frank Dube

Duration : 

language :  Spanish, Catalan

By Frank Dube

Frank Sinatra

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In love with swing, Frank Dubé creates the musical “DE FRANK A FRANK” and premieres it at the Nova Jazz Cava de Terrassa on June 2018.


Non-conformist with the classic stereotypes, Dubé did not return to star in a typical homage and for això is surrealistically transformed into “l'elect” by mateix Sinatra for singing the seves songs by the man. The humorous gags begin when Frank Dubé, who is possessed by Frank Sinatra's expertise, confesses to the seva female artistic partner who sings the duets with Liza Minelli, Nancy Sinatra, Judy Garland etc. The dialogues between the two touch on the theme of Sinatra's love affairs and Frank Dubé's seductive dots that she ruthlessly dismantles between songs, winning the rials of the public of all ages.


Therefore, FROM FRANK TO FRANK is not only a NOSTÀLGIC musical, but rather it will love both current and future situations and comments.

Aquest musical doncs, poses in a cocktail shaker a miqueta d'history "sinatrera", good humor, good music and lots of imagination, ho remena tot ben remenat i ho converteix en

a pleasant experience per qui ho vulgui try.

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