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Author: Tony Puig

Directed by: Ton Alberti

Actors: Roger Borull, Rocio Raval and Benjamí Conesa

Duration : 1 hour

Language: Catalan


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Barcelona and on tour


Up to Club Capitol, a unique opportunity  per viure en familia  this experience  exciting  on the little ones  enter literally dins de l'obra  i can interact with the actors i, both sort, fins and tot interpret an original petit paper d'aquest conte.

Accompany them to a country where the fairy Alegria has disappeared and the girl Tomassa embark on a fantastic journey in which they will meet these magicians who will help them look for the fairy. A bruixot, in Camil, will try to prevent both his avorriment. I'll explain more details, but we won't be spoilers! Yes, we can tell you that  On  it's the fada  Happiness?  is a  work that trench stereotypes  i buy both one  renewed aesthetics, which  modernizes the classic vision  dels contes amb a current llenguatge, of carrer, and some personages that will surprise petits i grans.

The creation of a magical theatrical environment (comedy, music, mystery, magic and surprise) infects the public so that they can see the life story of a girl who, from the outset, loses her happiness. Because, just from that instant we are able to start with the trip to happiness.

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