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Author:  Eve Heads

Duration : 60 minutes

language :  Castilian


Curvy, a monologue with many curves

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Madrid and on tour

The actress and comedian presents a new monologue that includes her latest texts, television recordings and unpublished and updated text, all the content directly related to the aesthetic issue, being overweight and the day-to-day life of someone who goes beyond the standards of a society increasingly superficial and consumerist.

The aesthetic pressure in the media, the stereotypes of the physical and the marketing that exists around women as products, are the topics that the comedian will talk about in her show hour.  

Always faithful to her clear and direct style and displaying her elegant but sharp "savoir faire", Eva will break with the labels that this system in which we live in puts us and will give the keys to skip all the fashion recommendations, aesthetics, food they continually give us to all those who do not belong to the established standards. Rhythm, laughter, awareness and social criticism...

All the interaction with the public, some music and other things that you will discover when you have Eva on stage... Hold on, hilarious curves are coming!

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