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Direction:  Pau Doz

Choreography:  Laura Olivella

Dancers:  Ana Micó, Núria Torrentallé, Salva López, Óscar Planells, Maria Torrescusa and Gisela Prat.

Duration:  55 minutes

Idiom:  Catalan


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Barcelona and on tour



We all know the Nutcracker Ballet, but... does anyone know the origin of this tale? Do you know the legend? In this show we will discover that, many years ago in the country of Nuremberg, a boy named Daniel becomes a wooden doll called the Nutcracker and is limited to cracking nuts with his mouth all his life.


We will explain with music and dance the legend of this well-known character, which Clara receives as a Christmas present from her uncle Drosselmeier, many years after becoming a doll. We will see how Clara will help the Nutcracker defeat the rat army and break the spell, thus returning to her human form. From here we will enjoy a trip that they will undertake towards the country of sugar, guided by the fairy of the night.

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