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Text:  Charles Table

Direction:  Victor Paez and Marina Munoz

Actors:  Marina Muñoz, Lara Palma, Zoraida Ballesteros and Pablo Serna

Duration:  65 minutes

Idiom:  Castilian  

untie me

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Madrid and tour


A hotel. ABEL invites SORAYA, his lover, to spend a unique night full of crazy and wild sex... But things seem to go wrong when they discover some "decorative" objects in the room: some shovels here, some gags there and dildos of all kinds. classes and for all tastes.

Things get even more complicated when the DOMINATRIX appears on the scene. Unwittingly, they have contracted his services by paying for the 'all inclusive'... But sodomy was not in his plans.

The DOMINATRIX, a woman faithful to her profession, is determined to carry out the contracted services. But things get even more twisted when a fourth character enters the scene: LOLA, the girlfriend, with whom ABEL has been with for six years and has built a whole life.

It is then that a race of entanglements, lies and confusion begins in which ABEL (or DIEGO, as he is really called) has everything to lose. A pitched battle in which the three women will end up joining forces to bring down the one who played with them.

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