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Actors:  Chema Trueba, Zelia Garcia, Beatriz Fernandez, and Sandra Garcia.

Script and direction:  Jose Manuel Trueba

Duration:  90  minutes

Idiom:  Castilian


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Barcelona and on tour


An hour and a half show that brings together monologues, imitations, sketches and interaction with the public from the moment they enter the room, making the viewer feel like a true celebrity who arrives at an exclusive event for the most VIP people on the scene. national.

Photocall, reporters who confuse them with famous people from magazines and participation in some of the best-known television programs is what the public attending this crazy show will find in which they will laugh, sing, dance and feel like a real Very Important Person.

Presented as a rare specimen at the beginning of the show by Iker Jiménez himself, our protagonist will guide us through his television career recreating all the characters with whom he has worked in a crazy zapping through the best television programs, sometimes involving the same spectator who will be involved in the successive sketches.

Bertin Osborne, Kiko Rivera, Donald Trump, King Felipe himself and countless other characters will follow one another on stage amid laughter that will show that Chema Trueba is not famous, because he is much more: he is VIP: Very Idiot Person.

Very Idiot Person is a humorous critique of the world of media stars and influencers with a final plea in favor of humility, empathy and camaraderie that is sorely lacking in these times.

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