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Author :  Jose Luis Sánchez

Directed by: Ruben Yuste

Actors :  Assumpta Serna, Toni Sevilla, José Luis Sánchez, Jordi Cadellans, Lari Antunes, Bruno Butenas and Gabriel Fortunato.

Executive production: Oscar Contreras / Producer23

Duration :  90 minutes

Language : Spanish


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Barcelona and on tour



The musical La Canción de Ipanema takes us back to the moment in which Jobim and Vinicius composed the most famous Bossa Nova songs and tells an incredible love story between the poet and a 19-year-old girl, who inspired him to create some of his most beautiful songs They had everything against them: the girl's parents forbade him to see him, they advanced the wedding with her former fiancé, women could not decide without the authorization of a man... But the poet did not give up and planned a way to get around the prejudices of society to be able to be with his beloved. What would I do? Would I get it?

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