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Direction:  Montse Bonet

Script and actress:  Alejandra Jimenez Cascon

Duration:  75 minutes

Idiom:  Castilian


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Barcelona and on tour


Blanca Develada is a play written by Alejandra Jiménez Cascón and directed by Montse Bonet.

Two stories that are intertwined in time without even their characters understanding why. The protagonist will live the challenge of discovering the reason that unites them: A woman who gives birth in a prison two weeks before being shot as a political prisoner. And Blanca, a young actress who makes a living doing comic monologues in mediocre bars and who has a major conflict with her mother.

A human text. Crude. Honest. Full of femininity, tenderness and reality. Naked human beings showing their most intimate part will trick a viewer who will be trapped knowing them, seduced by their authenticity and strength.

A story that walks between fear and forgiveness, between despair and smile, between disbelief and desire, between humor and the fight against our own monsters.

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