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Direction:  Mark Flynn

Music direction:  Didac Flores

Original text and music:  Pau Barbara Mir

Actors:  Jaume Casals/Carles Pulido, Anna Piqué, Laia Fontàn/Mireia Òrrit, Àlex Sanz.

Duration:  75 minutes

Idiom:  Catalan


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Barcelona and on tour


BARCELONA 24H follows the lives of 4 young people who will meet, confront each other and fall in love in the city of Barcelona.


A photographer who has left him with her partner coincides at the Apolo with a romantic boy obsessed with Hugh Grant movies. A posh girl from Sarrià decides to become independent and look for a flat below Diagonal, while an ambitious boy who only thinks about work decides to take a break to buy a Kinder Bueno from the 24H paki under the office.


None of them can imagine that, even for a moment, everything will be possible in this city.

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