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Artists:  Adrià Fornos and Xavi Clapes

Artistic direction:  Joan Garrido

Choreography:  Celia Salmero

Script:  David Jordan

Voice-over:  Oscar Masllovet

Duration:  80 minutes

Idiom:  Spanish, Catalan


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Barcelona and on tour



Can you imagine a world where the most extraordinary dreams became reality? A world where anything is possible?


Discover the secrets that the illusionist Adagio and his assistant Charlette hide within this incredible story.


A large format family show that moves away from conventional magic to transform it into a story full of great illusions accompanied by music, dance, light and much more.


Adrian Fornos: 

Magician and actor who has performed internationally, passing through Argentina, and has won several national awards in show business. Her extensive professional training has led her to master various disciplines that include the art of magic, contemporary dance, the cello and interpretation.

Xavi Clapes:

Actor and director of large-format musical theater shows such as C'est la vie, the Wizard of Oz or the Giant Peach among others. She has trained in dance at the Botes school in Sabadell and acting at the Karloff Studio with Pep Armengol. The multidisciplinarity that characterizes him includes mastery of the saxophone and singing.

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