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Author:  Ever Blanchet from the letters to Theo.

Direction:  Maria Clauso and Ever Blanchet

Actor:  Jaume Garcia Arija

Video art:  Nito Cilintano

Duration:  75 minutes

Idiom:  Catalan

Van Gogh

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Barcelona and on tour

Van Gogh

The actor Jaume Garcia Arija embodies the lucidity and "madness" of Vincent Van Gogh, an artist fully aware of what he wants.


He talks about love, nature, his concern for humanity, painting and the artistic world. At the same time that he speaks to us about himself, questioning himself, he also does so with the viewer.


All this supported by a video art proposal, inspired by his works, which provides a total and immersive vision of the show. The action takes place between the Borinage crisis, when Van Gogh is 27 years old, and a few hours before his death, at the age of 37.

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