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Direction:  Marti Peraferrer

Author:  Cowboy Pepe

Actors:  Maria Sola, Jordi Manyà, Pepe Vaquero, Susanna Bosch, Elena Ballester, Lulu Palomares and David Estany

Duration:  90 minutes

Idiom:  Catalan


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Barcelona and on tour



"A very complicated night" is a comedy that talks about moments of fiction that are very real and moments of reality that may seem like fiction. Why family, friends and acquaintances, often insist on directing our lives?


Víctor and Raquel are the involuntary protagonists. He, at 30 years old, has not yet had any sexual relationship and, for this reason, he is mocked and pressured in his work environment. She, repeatedly deceived by a macho, rude and arrogant husband, is pressured by her friends, who believe that revenge is the best way to strengthen self-esteem.


One night, fate brings them both together and they decide to live a naughty and lustful adventure to please those who distress them. But, when they are ready to fulfill their "duty", loaded with fears and doubts, they will discover that their lives are more connected than they think. This work, with everyday (and even frequent) characters, offers us a reflection on the tragedy of living a life at the pleasure of others and under the management of a society insensitive to the weakest. And it is a proposal to laugh, but also to provoke, well, what would theater be if it didn't bother us?

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