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Artists:  Dani Millan, Carmen Cote, Daniel de la Llave and Humberto López.

Duration:  105 minutes

Meccano Tribute

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“Aidalai” is much more than a concert. It is a show of light and color that pays homage to what has been the best-known Pop group on the national scene, MECANO. Since their last concert in Valladolid in 1992, the group has not met again to give concerts and few have dared to perform their repertoire live.


With a very accomplished voice and two multi-instrumentalist musicians. Aidalai takes us by the hand on a journey through time in which the audience will dance, sing and possibly cry, remembering many of the songs that were the soundtrack of their lives.


Perfectly studied music, lights synchronized with the show, guitars, keytars, keyboards, snow, smoke... and a huge triangle as the center of the stage that changes color to create the necessary atmosphere and take us to a decade of songs to remember.

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