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Author: Dan Israely

Director : Oscar Contreras

Actors: Roger Pera and Sam Sanchez

Duration : 90 minutes

Language: Spanish


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Barcelona and on tour


ORGASMS   is a comedy that deals with the differences between men and women and living together as a couple. It goes back from Adam and Eve to the present day. A good way to see that even if there is a war of the sexes, they always end up being the best complement for each other.  


ORGASMS  is a  funny comedy  that will make us reflect. In short, a true self-help manual to face the challenges of living as a couple, which are not few.

Orgasms More than 250,000 viewers have seen it. Are you going to miss it?

Success in the small Gran Via theater in Madrid and the Teatro Club Capitol Ramblas in Barcelona.

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