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Address and text:  Emily Corral

Actors:  Judit Saula, Glòria José, Pep Muñoz, Míriam Aguilera and Marc Vidal

Duration:  70 minutes

Idiom:  Catalan


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Barcelona and on tour



NO EM DIGUIS QUEEN is a theatrical road movie that narrates the journey

agitation of a princess who will not be queen, with the darkest indrets i

marginals del seu realme: a country dystopic habitat per estrafolaris personages, egoistes i miserable.

An incisive comedy that presents an esgotat and decadent system and asks if, to change it, we are willing to give up our privileges.

This is the fourth spectacle of Diversitat Teatral, following a commitment to the inclusion of artists with disabilities in the performing arts professionals. A peça in the work of diverse artists is not a concession, but one more characteristic of the performers and a positive value in the posada on stage.

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