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Artist:  isaac sworn

Duration:  85 minutes

Idiom:  Spanish, Catalan


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Barcelona and on tour



In MAGIAS PARA NORMALES we have prepared something very special to leave you in a catatonic state.


It is a show with a very personal style, a powerful magic and an acid and intelligent humor that will not leave you indifferent.

If you want to see things so strange that not even the Fourth Millennium can give you an answer, Isaac Jurado is willing to surprise you by reading your mind, throwing knives at you or transforming bills and if you give him time, he will turn you into a goat. So if you consider yourself a "normal" person, this is your magic and comedy show that you cannot miss, where people like you feel at home.

Isaac Jurado is not just a magician with the face of an idiot. He is a showman without a license, a stage animal, an artist without filters. He always amazes with his imagination, rhythm, mental agility and good humor.

He has worked in the best festivals and theaters in Spain. He is one of the most requested magicians for national and international companies. Does that seem paranormal to you?

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