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Direction:  Albert Pueyo

Actors actresses:  Cristina Ramírez, Carles Jiménez, Albeni Aranda, Andrea Márquez, Daniel Jiménez and David Bonilla

Duration:  55  minutes

Idiom:  Catalan


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Barcelona and on tour


Ariel is a young mermaid who lives with her friends at the bottom of the sea. On her birthday, the little mermaid sees a ship ruled by Prince Eric and immediately falls in love with him. Then he asks his father, the god Poseidon, to give him some feet to get out of the water and meet the prince. Poseidon refuses, because he does not want his daughter to be a victim of human barbarism.


The witch of the sea takes advantage of it to make a deal with the Ariel; He will give you a few feet in exchange for your voice. If before twenty-four hours the little mermaid gets a kiss of love from her beloved, she will recover her voice. If he doesn't, the witch will keep his soul forever. Will Ariel be able to woo Prince Eric before the deadline without her siren song?

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