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Actors:  Dolo Beltran, Roger Cantos and Diana Torné

Author:  jordi silva

Direction:  Michael Murga

Duration:  90 minutes

The millionth night of the
had life

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Barcelona and on tour


The story begins with the beginning of Marc and Marta's relationship. Two innocent and inexperienced youngsters who live their great love. Especially Marc, who has wanted Marta's love for a long time and finally sees his efforts rewarded and finds himself on cloud nine.

In another part of the same city, Silvia has just buried her husband and become a rich widow. Likewise, at the funeral, he has rediscovered a love from the past that reminds him of discarded and long-forgotten life plans.

Everything changes and 3 years later we find the same characters in very different situations. Personal life and choice have taken them down paths they may never have imagined. They will find resignations, with death, with breakage and disenchantment, with memories and dreams, with sex, and with the different ways of conceiving "the best night of their lives".

The way to continue looking for a new night that is the best when it seems that all the doors have been closed to us is what will mark the path that each one of them chooses from now on.

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