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Direction:  Joan Olive

Actors:  Ivan Herzog, Berta Peñalver, Joan Rigat, Aina Vallès and David Maculé.

Duration:  70  minutes

Idiom:  Catalan

The Bremen Musicians

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Barcelona and on tour

Els musics de Bremen, the musical

Musical theater play by Ever Blanchet, based on the story by the Brothers Grimm.

In this new version of the classic and produced by the Cia. Versus Teatro THE MUSICIANS OF BREMEN, the musical, are reinvented: all the characters will know how to play instruments and will end up making their own musical themselves.

A donkey, a dog, a hen and a cat run away from home because they are mistreated by their owners. They want to form a musical group and come to Bremen. But on the way they will meet obstacles that will put them  to the test and they will strengthen their friendship singing.

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