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Idea and direction:  Maria Married

Actresses:  Paula Joseph, Agnès Jabbour and Mireia Casado

covers:  Ivette Novell and Nikole Portell

I see off:  Lloll Bertran

Duration:  90 minutes

Idiom:  Catalan

THEY #girlthings

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Barcelona and on tour



ELLAS #cosasdechicas is a piece of satirical humor that takes a good look at gender clichés and brings to the stage, without mincing words, the feminine issues that no one talks about. On stage, three young actresses with a lot of energy and undeniable stage chemistry, start from their own bodies and their own reality to humorously review major gender and sexist themes.

From here, scenes, sketches, monologues and gags follow one another that touch on all possible topics: hair removal, menstruation, self-esteem and the female body, consent, porn, female pleasure, the differences between men and women. On a day-to-day basis, the Disney princesses...

To end the work, after a long hour of laughter and reflection, the actresses take the microphone to sing some final truths in a loud and clear voice. No one will go indifferent to the room.

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