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Artist:  Jose Corbacho

Duration:  70 minutes

Idiom:  Castilian


Barcelona and on tour



If so many things are happening that there is nothing left but to laugh.
And that's what I come for.

After 4 years monologuing all over the country, it is an honor to raise the curtain of the theaters, to continue laughing at everything a little.
To start with myself, which is something essential that they taught me since I started in this entertainment business.

But also to laugh at everything around me. Of everything. From my wife. Of my son. Of my mother. From my sister. From my brother-in-law. Of my family.
And also from my neighborhood. From my city. From my country. From all my countries. Of my rulers.
Of my kings and my princes. And of my principles. Above all, of my principles. Because as the teacher used to say, “if you don't like them, I have others”.
But don't worry, I'm going to laugh at you too. Of those who come to see me at the theater. And of those who don't. Of those even more.
Why? Because if.

Because there is the thing how to stop laughing.
Although most of all I want is for you to laugh. And a lot. If not, this is not going to be funny at all.
Of course, a piece of advice for those who dare to come: "First of all, be very calm."

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