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Barcelona and on tour


A cold and calculating retired tennis player plans to murder his beautiful and rich wife, because he wants to inherit her great fortune and in the process take revenge for an infidelity she has committed with a well-known writer. To carry out his plan, he blackmails an old college friend and convinces him to enter the house and strangle his wife in his absence... will he succeed? Will it leave loose ends? Do not miss this thriller, of which the great Alfred Hitchcock made a work of art at the time.

Director:  Xavier Fuster

Actors:  Miriam Marcet / Silvia Forns, Toni Figuera, Ramón Garrido, Albert Pueyo / Jordi Gracia, Carles Cruces

Duration:  90 minutes

Idiom:  Catalan (with the option to do it in Spanish)

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