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Company:  Cia Spectacular

Actors:  Sergio Barnés, Mª Rosa Reverter and Jordi Castejón

Artistic direction and dramaturgy:  Jordi Castejon

Duration : 50-55 minutes

Language: Catalan or Spanish


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Barcelona and on tour


Chef Gregory's Restaurant has turned into chaos. No one controls the stoves in this kitchen like before and customers miss the famous Gregory Chicken. It seems that everything is in the hands of Ratita Renné and the clueless Dimitri. Will they manage to save the restaurant?

Bon Appetit talks about teamwork, the importance of knowing how to ask for help, bullying and recycling.


The show  bet on a family comedy that talks about fundamental values in coexistence, represented in the most dynamic and visual way possible. Spectators will live the madness of this restaurant where they will find real characters, projections with virtual characters, puppets and a climax full of fantasy. The work is a gift to life, where it is emphasized that with fun and education you can go as far as you want.

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