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Script:  Ishmael Galan

Artist:  Ishmael Galan

Duration:  75 minutes

the real superheroes

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Barcelona and on tour


Autonomous, the true superheroes, is a comedy in which the Murcian comedian Ismael Galán shows us the important work that self-employed workers do and that it is not necessary to wear a cape to be a superhero. It is enough to register as a freelancer to realize that our DNA is changing.

In this work Ismael Galán plays the role of 3 autonomous characters, a delivery man, a waiter and an artist. And although they have a different job, coincidentally none of the 3 have gotten sick since they were discharged.

With this show we want to break a spear in favor of those heroes who lack help and still go out every day to make a better world for others.

And if in the future we were governed by an Autonomous? Who knows....

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